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Great movie one liners, do you know the film?

"Here's Johnny!"

November in the Movie Club

It's Movember - Classic Sci-Fi Month

It may feel like we are living in a science fiction dystopia right now — and hell, in some ways we are — but that doesn’t mean that we should simply avoid an entire genre of writing. Hardly. In fact, this is probably the perfect time to explore the genre, to see what the masters have written, and maybe even see if someone predicted anything like this. Many, though, simply ignore science fiction wholly and completely because of an association with robots, aliens, and the like.

This month in our classic sci-fi month we start with the Capricorn One, released in 1977 and it poses quite a relevant question to modern life, NASA decide launch a mission to Mars but when its funding is cut they decide to fake the mission


How It Works

South Tees Movie Club is a great way to watch a movie and talk about it with like minded people from all around our area. Once a fortnight all our members get together online to enjoy a film and then discuss the good, bad, highs, lows, infact everything about the film we all watched together.

We meet every other Friday to watch the films and the after film discussion lasts around an hour.

South Tees Movie Club

Movie Genres

It's not just Hollywood blockbusters (although there will be some), but the South Tees Movie Club also screens the best from independant film makers and distributors.

Sci - Fi

Science fiction is a way of thinking, a way of logic that bypasses a lot of nonsense.

Indie Film

Produced out side of main stream studios and yet a valuable part of cinema.


Be kept on the edge of your seat as plots build to a climatic ending.

World Cinema

Often overlooked as foriegn language films, but this is not the case at all


From slapstick to screwball, we all need a comedy from time to time.

Much Much More..

The world of cinema has so much to offer, be part of it with the South Tees Movie Club

What, why and how often?

South Tees Movie Club screens fortnightly and it is a great place to meet with like minded people to talk about, get passionate about and enjoy fantastic (and sometimes terrible) films from around the world.

  • Movie loving community.
  • Feel inspired to create your own movie.
  • A fun, safe place to watch great films

Get together with like minded people

You can watch everything from the comfort of your home with South Tees Movie Club, just sit back and watch the film, talk about it with other movie fans but most of all the popcorn isn't that expensive!